About Us

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to another world? Well, Ten Flags is here, you can finally leave your daily life behind and be whisked away to a place of imagination and fun!

A theme park that can transport you to a fantasy world of entertainment, exploration and discovery. Right here in South Africa, Rustenburg, North West. You could even be an explorer in a world of wonders or a familiar fairy-tale. Surrounded by joy and happiness, you can immerse yourself in the fantasy for as long as you’re there.

Welcome to Ten Flags, a destination that will transport you to an entirely new world of possibility, innovation and opportunities for a good time. Whether you join us during the week when it’s quiet or at high season in the summer, Ten Flags provides adventure, enjoyment, and memories that will last a lifetime, so while it’s no surprise that people love Ten Flags – there are more benefits than you might expect. Read on and you’ll find five reasons why this form of entertainment is actually good for the body and the soul.

“Simply come enjoy and live in the moment.”

In a world that can be hectic and stressful at times. Let us escape.

Long term – To be the leader in entertainment across Africa in the next 10 to 15 yrs.

Medium term – Dominate the entertainment sphere in South Africa within the next 5 years. We see ourselves as leaders in the 4th revolution, education or university in Africa. Build the biggest the biggest and Futuristic Formula 1 Race Course in the world that can take over 500k people in 1 day.

Short term – To build the first 10 flags in Rustenburg, North West with 10 parks in the next 2 years.

Afterwards we moving to build 3 major projects
that will bring over 1 million visitors to Rustenburg per month in the next 5 years.


To be the biggest theme park in Africa.

Our Mission

Building world class facilities that will bring all kinds of races, families, people of diferent ages to such theme parks throughout the year to celebrate life, bond and have fun together.

Our Aim

To build 10 of the Ten Flags Theme Parks across major cities in South Africa in the next 5 tears; then expand across Africa in the next 10 years.

Ten Flags will consist of 10 Park that include Amusement park, Water Park, Accommodation Park, Esport Park, Mini-Disneyland, Madame Tussaud Roller Coasters, Flying Park, Racing Park, Roller Coaster and a famous Statue Park.

Our Partners