About Us

Our destination invites you into a world of entertainment, adrenalin and social development. Surrounded by joy and happiness, you can indulge into a variety of cuisines which accommodate halal individuals. In a world that can be hectic and stressful at times. Let’s escape to a world of unlimited possibilities.We are proud to say that we have the biggest ice rink in the country if not Africa. We have various attractions and activities that open up opportunities to discover new hobbies and career options. We have catered for all classes and groups of people from friends, couple, individuals and families. For our adrenaline lovers we have two Italian super cars ready to take you out on our specially built race track for a heart racing experience you’ll never forget. Our helicopter is ready to take anyone out on journey into the skies where freedom and limitless possibilities is what we leave you feeling.

We challenge you to not only get in touch with your inner child as a parent, expand on your experiences as a teenager and make lifelong memories as a child, but to also build everlasting bonds with friends, family and loved ones based on unforgettable shared experiences. We challenge you to live life fully in a world created for you. We challenge you to join us at Ten Flags Theme Park where FAMILY VALUES come FIRST.


Long term – To be the leader in entertainment across Africa in the next 10 to 15 yrs.

Medium term – Dominate the entertainment sphere in South Africa within the next 5 years. We see ourselves as leaders in the 4th revolution, education or university in Africa. Build the biggest the biggest and Futuristic Formula 1 Race Course in the world that can take over 500k people in 1 day.

Short term – To build the first 10 flags in Rustenburg, North West with 10 parks in the next 2 years.

Afterwards we moving to build 3 major projects
that will bring over 1 million visitors to Rustenburg per month in the next 5 years.


To be the biggest theme park in Africa.

Our Mission

Building world class facilities that will bring all kinds of races, families, people of diferent ages to such theme parks throughout the year to celebrate life, bond and have fun together.

Our Aim

To build 10 of the Ten Flags Theme Parks across major cities in South Africa in the next 5 years; then expand across Africa in the next 10 years.

Ten Flags will consist of 10 Park that include Amusement park, Water Park, Accommodation Park, Esport Park, Mini-Disneyland, Madame Tussaud Roller Coasters, Flying Park, Racing Park, Roller Coaster and a famous Statue Park.

Our Partners